Running with the wind


The meaning of running?

Everyone walks and runs?


Wind and something energy?

Wind voice energy?


I turn with the wind? Who am I?

Mom says that I am an angel.


Wind and leaves and me.

I always listen to a certain sound.


Mom and my inspirational world.

It is another world. I run in accordance with the wind.


Feel the wind next to the vertical to the left to the right.

I am not a bird.....I run because I do not fly.....


I'm a man.

I run with various expressions.

I protect the Mom.

I am a dog's shape with Mom human shape.....You know.....

What is shape.....

My eyes are important Mom too.....

I will continue to message...........

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Journey of brilliance


Story of brilliance story of shadow.

The shape begins with various stories.

Human shape and dog shape.

An interestingly shaped story is a mysterious world.


I walk while sleeping.

I know well on any road.

My story is a fairy tale.

I walk in my dream.


I was born on earth. Always walking and running.

What is what I can see? No one knows my field of vision.

I am looking with my eyes and light.

It is a good thing and a bad thing visible.


Snow solidifies to make shape. It is similar to someone. who is it?

Even small things are big. I do not see things in human height.

I am looking at all horizontally and vertically.

I see sometimes a love cloud.


Shine and shadow of me and master. My mom is my master.

Mom says that I resemble clouds. Clouds show us the various forms.

Birds are flying over the sky in the wind.

I continue the hero of fairy tale.

I will continue to message.

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Shine and shadow


We walk every day.

Way of shine and shadow.

We follow the eternal shine.

We walk, the birds fly, the flowers bloom.

Hear the voice of wonderful clouds and wind in the sky.

I will not talk about that place. Peaceful place.


Chasing shine me. not visible to the human. Naturally. you know?

I am always watching.

Eye shine thing.......


The sun shining in the sky.

What is the universe?

My world and Mom.


Play with me and leaves. I love leaves.

Are you still watching me?

I am watching leaves.


I run, I laugh, I like rhythm.

Wind is a friend.

Twilight zone is a friend.


I hair fluttering in the wind. Whisper the wind from the north, south, east, and west.

What is my mission? I will not forget that voice. you know?

Walk straight. Toward the light. The hero of a fairy tale. That's me.


I will not forget. Your world. mean is love wolrd.OK.

Nobody can break down his beautiful world with me.

Guardian angel Jenny Thank you.

I will continue to message.

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Walk a mountain


Afternoon walk and my mood.

Cold mountain road and my mood.

Guardian angel and my walk.


Who are you?

I do not know you.

I'm not in your friends.


all bad Devil Mt here.korea parsons.same KKK.


Do not come with the after me.

I will always unpleasant for you.

I think annoys you guardian angel.

I am with a guardian angel.


I run with run with run with make happy life.

I need good feeling with good place.

I think here is no name.

place is no name.

Continue message.

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Relationship between me and the sun.

No one can understand. It is impossible for ordinary people. It is impossible for ordinary ghosts.

I am a pacifist. I am a messenger of shine.

Mom and I are always together. Specter of forest to attack mom and me.

I and the sun fight the Dead.mean is fighting Demon.


Evil spirit that haunts us. Evil spirits of the mountains.

I fight with the angel. My message was peace and love. A human demon interferes.

Who is the devil of the forest pine tree? It was a demon transformed into a pine tree.

Former human being of ugly dirty spirit. and group with death.


I can not stand.

Dirty spirit human beings.

Humans of ugly mind and hatred.

The earth will die.

Killing around the world.

Good those who love peace being killed all over the world with animals.


I am the hero of a fairy tale.

I am a peace messenger.

I speak with the wind.

I am sad it is that dying is Earth.

mom make the song the Earth die.

the title is Death Earth Song.

I will continue to message.

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