The mystery of the universe water


Quite different from the things that anyone can believe that my thinking.
Mom and I believe the best psychics.
Sometimes fool repeats the question. why.why.why.why....
Mom and I laugh. Who are you.who.who.who.who....
Mom and I is a beautiful creature.
Mom and I is a beautiful creature. Beautiful or are you?
I'm especially thinking the white brain is strange.hahahaha....


I have observed their opponents with a laugh.
I had to laugh at the equivalent of thinking and I have found someone with the idea a result of one person.
Man singing and dancing at the famous foolish, and whether the man that a woman can be determined that I love stupid,Stupid men and women around the world do not know nothing. who is he?


Look at my great ass.
I am a man there is a visionary of inscription, nd the mom that I love and I know anything.
animals who are living with the strange man is pity. yes pity....
I thought that his music is why funny song. Always was a man that has been manipulated by others.


He and I are playing in the forest. I play every day with him.
He is flying in the forest, I'm running. Look to you....
He protect always the mom and I, I Mom live with him forever.
Meaning is a family....


Black dog is my disciple.    Black is a great color.    Black is a great color.    
Star is a star.Star is a star.Star is a star.Star is a star.
Human star is not.Human star is not.Human star is not.Human star is not.
The man does not think of anything that does not expect human beings to be those who live with the dirty brain at the lowest creatures.
I'm genuine and fake should not be allowed out of their faces.
I celebrated a wonderful birthday with family. Continue communication with the souls while continuing with
my journey.
do not have plastic surgery.
Continue the message....

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forest with ghost


do you know spirit.

Very strong power.

They play with my friends.

Friends believe that the natural world.


It will be present in all of the air.

It will be common to all of the world.

Hot place, cold place, anywhere....

Differs with your world.


Fairy tale writing is recommended to friends.

Who friends gentle and kind world.

The big question, a small question, whose friend.

Human beings there is no clever a mind words.


The location from the forest classes of spirits.

Spirits and incompetent human No conversation...?

The only beautiful scenery in the forest.

Fairy tale is that of the spirit of the story.

What is a writer?
I want to say to fake writers around the world.
Interesting story is only talk of spirits really.....


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I Love Moon.....


take care with Love.....
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