my music is wind


Running I am the sound of the wind.

Only I run straight. Protect the mom who loves.

My animal family disappeared to where...I am a small body I am a big heart.....

Mom and I are the best of the pair.....Mom is my master.....Mother's master is only grandmother.

I run straight. I run straight. I run straight.

I run while feeling the wind...Mom and I of the universe thought...

Dream of Mom and me is to fly in the sky...

It is an image of a husband and wife flying over the sky...

What is love? what is love? what is love?

I want to ask humans...

I am a messenger...

My message is shining deeply.....

Continue the message...........

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I laugh


I love Earth.

Who are you to interfere with the travel of Mom and me?

I'm not interested in you.

I laugh, a funny strange triangle. I am the Earth Dog. Do you know me???

Mommy calls me captain.

Who are you who attack me and Mommy?

I'm laughing while the real story.

Who are you?

I am a dog and Mommy is a human.

Who are you always attacking me and Mommy?

I am an earth dog. who are you?

I'm researching the mountains.

Why is there a maze in the mountains?

Why do you suddenly move in the mountains? I just laugh.

Stop attacking me and Mommy. I laugh only.

Are you a floating spirit? Is it a demon?

I just laugh.....

Are you a human being before?

The name of a lie and the voice of a lie Who is it?

I just laugh at you.

My story is the truth, a demon that fly around the world?

Where is my sister Marissa?

Your story is vulgar. I laugh only.

Who will destroy the earth?

Shizuoka prefecture villa area It is a story of Emerald T.

Please pray for the safety of me, my mom and the parrots.

I am an animal family captain.

I will continue to message.....

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Love and courage

2018 vievies1

I speak peace and love.

Mom sing a "vie darling "song. Mon makes my song. It is not earth song.

A song for my beloved servant. Mon is a forest musician.

Mommy does not sing a song of hatred.

Mom and I are together forever.

Love is energy, Love is power. Love is shining.

My favorite story is the story of my grandmother's love.

My grandmother told me to live with courage.

My mom's trip will continue.

Continue message...........

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Shine and shadow


We walk every day.

Way of shine and shadow.

We follow the eternal shine.

We walk, the birds fly, the flowers bloom.

Hear the voice of wonderful clouds and wind in the sky.

I will not talk about that place. Peaceful place.


Chasing shine me. not visible to the human. Naturally. you know?

I am always watching.

Eye shine thing.......


The sun shining in the sky.

What is the universe?

My world and Mom.


Play with me and leaves. I love leaves.

Are you still watching me?

I am watching leaves.


I run, I laugh, I like rhythm.

Wind is a friend.

Twilight zone is a friend.


I hair fluttering in the wind. Whisper the wind from the north, south, east, and west.

What is my mission? I will not forget that voice. you know?

Walk straight. Toward the light. The hero of a fairy tale. That's me.


I will not forget. Your world. mean is love wolrd.OK.

Nobody can break down his beautiful world with me.

Guardian angel Jenny Thank you.

I will continue to message.

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Whisper of the trees, autumn sign


Tree is singing. Magical sound can hear....

The song of trees on earth? Their sound is inaudible to human.

Where is the entrance trees?

Story of the natural world.


Black shine, black smile, Vicky is happy.

Sincerely laughing face. meaning Happy,meaning Love.

really interesting....Natural world.


Play afternoon....

me and vicky love trees. trees love us.u know why, our love land/love.

my Ark love, our world.

We smile, i love trees, i love bird, i love life with good feel.


I'm a funny guy, I love play on words,the time of not a infinite this world.

I'm always smiling, is it dangerous?

All right,

I'm a dog of love Same as mom.

for all time / ru

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