Merry Christmas with poltergeist


merry christmas....

spirit of the forest christmas....

i'm watch with love harmony,mean is my photo.

christmas is good feeling.


this mountain is interesting.

tree in front of my eyes and laughing why.

i am christmas fun,good feeling for me.

poltergeist road is my road, no problem i'm fine.


funny image and funny photo,but true story here.

merry christmas and love road.

life is short and long, love is forever,mean is love is strong.

good for you....

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas....

We love SUN

my Photo is so nice....

The SUN2014

Our walk

Shine and the wind....

Happy time and day-to-day....

Us happy Christmas


My photographer friend has learned the technology....

It close friend of Noruuei....


God Bless You....

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