sun and me.

sun and earth.

sun and sky.

sun and moon.

sun and shine.


do you know the sight that I see?

do you know the Earth I see?

do you know the natural world I see?

do you know the human world that I see?

do you know the spirit world I see?

do you know the destruction I see?

do you know the universe I see?

do you know the love I see?

i will continue to message.

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I laugh, I like here.

I love peaceful world. I'm living in mountain. it is is near winter.

Here in Japan.


She is my disciple and best friend.very kindness with sweet.

I think Japanese manners worse. mean is always....
Fat dog....What....
I think Japanese are rude race.


I laugh only....
I hope the peaceful world.


Peace is peace.
love is love.
here is mountain.
we live now.
make /r

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Water Magic is Life gard

We walk Woods everyday

We love Nature...

Exemplars of life is nature...


mean is all life need Water with love and something...


Just walk and walk

Mt is very Fun...Course,We meet a lot of life...Tree,Bamboo,Mushroom and Wild bird,Wild boar

Masked palm civet,Snake.....


They are not more dangerous than humans

Do you believe the animals of intuition?

Meaning intuition of the soul...

2015 VIE

This site fairyland.....

He is the hero.....

We use the inspiration.....


Water is involved in everything.

I makes a website regarding way of life.....

Everyone alive by energy...........

Thank you

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