To animals

Marissa Art 2003^^

She loved horses.

Every day to talk about horses and magical gems. what do you think?

Horses were unicorn. The unicorn laughed.


This is a secret shine. I will help animal with you...you know mean.......

I give my heart to animals. You also helped. ok with ok.......

I prayed for a long time ago.....

For all the animals on the earth. Humans can not hear it.

The unicorns were listening to the voice of her heart. Unicorns do not feel sad.

I run on the ground and fly in the sky.I saw various stories.

What shall I do now for you. For your wonderful drawing me.

Let's fly the sky together........

And let's go to my world.......

The world is never the only earth.......

All your favorite animals are energetic. I will take you there.

I appreciate the wonderful drawing of my daughter.

For animals and unicorns........

Vies Style2011

I am living with my beloved dog.

Beautiful mind and a beautiful shine.

In the star named Earth.

I thank my grandmother.

It looks like a wonderful wing that appeared on the clouds.

I want to fly together someday.

His message continues........

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Beyond time


What is an empty face?

What is the Twilight zone?

Clouds why various faces can be seen. Sky changing beyond time every day.

Time is eternal. Sky, why are you likely to feel sad?


I walk while feeling nature everyday. I feel somehow.

Mom always glad to see me, I also the same.

Feel the change of season and walk a new road.


Who are you?

Various spirits come to see me. What's wrong? I do not know you.why why why why why.


I use the shining, but who are you? mom and I time is important.

I do not understand the meaning of love that humans use. so only I laugh.


mom loves me and I love mom. that is the answer.

mom promise is to make songs to me. because mom was a musician.

My theme song of 8 beats or 16 beats.

I'm thinking.

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my Wonderland


what is Wonderland?
i remember that man. his dancing singing.similar to his land....
speak with forest trees.
tree is alive.


they run in the forest.
always they pass through.
what is our world a different world?
can you understand?


forests and trees and disciple and me.
Wonderland is not a movie. story of Wonderland can not see the world.
story of the world does not find a human around the world.
Wonderland a miracle and my world.


story of the love of Wonderland.
the story of god of Wonderland.
story of the citizens of Wonderland.
spirits of the story of Wonderland.
all shines.
this is my love with place is no name.
all his song.
mean is nothing this world.

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fairy tale and power of Sun


Humans to destroy the earth.

Meaning. . .

Look at a variety of news Killing each other only

My appearance is dog

Long time ago, a close friend was killed.....Why?


It seems in this deep forest.

I hero mom of fairy tale.

But I also sometimes realistic story.People to know the truth is less...It is reality.

Fairy tale is not only romantic story

I sometimes talk to SUN.....


I play with my disciple and forest

Mysterious space in the forest. Forest around the world are the same?

Also seems to many human beings to do bad things in the forest. U know???


Also changes color.

Would be interesting? Soul would be what color?

I'm thinking of our close friend..

One day go past like the wind. Continued Still, our journey.....


Forest stare me in the breath.

I pray that the soul is a restful.

The power of sun

Peace of the forest around the world....

Wonderful gentle soul forever.......

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