My shrine tour


I went to a small shrine of Japan. Not China.....

What is a shrine?

I saw a strange thing.

What is a shrine?

It is strange and mysterious mood.


Color and shape. It was a twilight zone.....

Light in a magical lamp with smell of wood.....

Shrines in the mountains. but a strange feeling.....

Is there anyone there?


I always research. There is no one.....

I will research. smell and footsteps and wind and soul.....

I feel a big thing with a small body.

Mom says me as a research King...........


Soil That's strange. The earth is strange.

Shrine are talking something to me quietly.....what what what what what?

Today I went to two shrines.

I was surprised to see a strange big tree.

It was similar to the tree of Sleepy Hollow.....


I have seen from various angles.

I often stay inside the Twilight zone.

I felt that there are many secrets in the shrine.

Why? mom and me are researching while walking.....


Pond of a strange shrine. What is in this pond?

I wonder if something lives. It would be small creatures...

Something is watching me...why?

I walk facing straight ahead.

Today I saw two interesting shrines.

I will continue to message...........

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Hero of our fairy tales

He is singing....His message....He loves the earth.....

Do you know him?

I know him.

He loved the earth.children and animals....

2015 春山エメラルド1

Spring Mountain.Beautiful views....

Our secret place.


I have research while walking.

I meet a lot of wild animals. Especially wild boar.

I know the place.


I'm thinking seriously.

Meaning in a bad mood.But... I'm always running.Its me....

I am hero.

Story of the fairy tales is truth.


She is strong. Friendly and strong. It fights with wild boar.

It's awesome power. meaning is Love. My disciple.


Positive and backward.

Mountain road feels good.and very deep place.

We love Earth....I think the same Earth future with Michael....

Musician to message in singing.

We go home. Let's listen to music....

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