Life resembles a fairy tale

2018 3:23ヴィーの道1

There is a face on the road.

I am looking at the face of the road. I'm smelling the smell. who is it? who is it?

Various faces are on the road.

It resembles someone. who is it?

2018 3:23ヴィーの道3

Face on the soil.....who is it?

It resembles a musician I know. who is it?

Same face as outside tree. who is it?

Head crazy man's face. who is it?

I do not know you. who is it?

2018 3:23ヴィーの道2

I am the hero of a fairy tale. I am a peace messenger.

Me and Mom pacifist. I am laughing.

I feel the wind and play with the birds.

Place of spirits and Tinker Bell.

Who is the man behind me?

2018 3:23ヴィーの道4

Together with the wind I run.

When I was young and old........I am full of memories and fly in the sky

Fairy tale of Mom and me. I run.

2018 3:23ヴィーの道5

In the world of fairy tales I am the protagonist.

My friends are real stars. They gently smile to me........

That Mom and I is important is the time.........

2018 3:23ヴィーの道6

I run life. I run life. I run life........

There is Mom to protect my precious eyes. Eyes are the mirror of the most important mind.

Continue message........

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Twilight with zone


Time the universe is beautiful.

Mysterious time.Mysterious space and sky.


The sky is a beautiful time zone in the world.

It is called miraculous time zone.


Time of the illusion of the human eyes.Do you know?

Time zone in which the human mind is confusion.


Play with forest trees. I like this time zone.mean is love.

Not ending the story. The name is not in this place.

we love him.

name is michael jackson. Always innocent man....

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