run to run


I run.

I keep running.

Protect harmony with the natural world.

I will not quit running with together with my mom.


I walk.

Hear a variety of sounds. Birds of voice sounds beautiful.

I can hear the sound of sorrow.why with why with why.

I can not quite walk. Along with the mom.


Sound of leaves, sound of trees, footsteps of disciples.

I am thinking....run walk joy all love's way.


disciple is a laughing dog with love dog.

I will continue my research everyday.

I am particularly sensitive to smells.

Good odor and creepy smell with human smell.


What? Who are you?


Do you know what our shine? I am the hero of a fairy tale.

Everyone is free to be the hero in life. Learn to live in various forms.

Voice of the forest can be heard, it is meeting with various soul and sound.

A view of the Earth seen from the forest.


I know my descendants. I know mom and dad.

My world is the spiritual world and fairyland. yes fairyland.

Fairyland is the best of the world with run to run.

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My mom and Me

My mom style.
My mom is always like this.
My mom is just Earthling. I'm just dog but my mom think same Earthling.
Do you understand?
My mom style.mean is She Walks This Earth.

I'm busy and very hot everyday.
My mom told me,,,You need more run and runand run.
mean is need more learn.
What mean?
You need Think the Earth.
I speak with animals.
I love nature.
I only hate nasty man.
I try more think Earth.


My disciple.
Big disciple.
I am small captain. Arumandias is big disciple.

2012 Vie格好良く正面を見て走る

not the body size.
The size of the heart.
different from the usual dogs.
mom is understand me.
Thanks Today....

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