Our journey


our journey will continue with love.

love that beautiful past time. human beings like the destruction.

spirit and play a person even though there is no ability. incompetent person around the world.

my feel funny. what is the day of the happening, it is the same feeling all the rainbow,you know mean,

Is happening is something all over the world.

It is also brutal and cruel thing. and planet Earth that can not put up with happening on the earth.

creatures that are killed by cruel humans,why, all over the world has become in danger,why,

I like this mountain, but always feel the danger.why, kill human beings human brutally,why,

dying earth and disappear. what is the man of sin,

I learned the meaning of my best friend was killed. I was not on the side of best friend.

I think, alive but dead, dead but alive, I think something of the presence beyond form.

I protect mom with love....


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elyna with me


we live in this world.

my sister elyna with me.

gentle and kind, and talk with me.

close friend in my precious sister.


elyna birthday. cake mom made.

What happiness of elyna?

It was to playing in a dream. meaning was that do not meet the poor devil.

Who is the devil? different person of the human shape. I know them.

human seems it is fun to kill each other. elyna is always laughing beside me.

spirit're here to love.

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real thing

walk a mountain trail.
good feeling with good body.
fun, happy, laughs.
Time is running.
freely walk disciple and I manners is great. you know..manor is important thing.
every day to observe the nature.
every day to observe the wild animals.
Love animals.
I'm captain.
I am the messenger of love.
I will talk to the soul.
I see a real eye.
I meet a lot of soul in this way.
wonder of the Twilight Zone.
they are demanding a peaceful world.
You can contact if the dimension is fit.
sometimes a variety of voices hear.
think about the wonder of the tree.
story of the nature of the tree.
size does not matter....
message is just do not use god.
i continue to message.......

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life to live on earth

Everyone how are you?
I look for the forest of the secret.observe walking every day.
nature of creature is my friend....
world to walk today.
my disciple is healthy today.I'm teaching a lot....
strong in my security guard, important meaning is the tenderness and strength.
It is important in nature.
Nature is the entrance to the spirit world.
the spirit world is a place where truth can be sightings.
we will research every day.
they come in communication from various angles.they exists in the natural world.
Place to feel the inspiration nature.nature overflowing place is also present God with god.
There is no meaning to the famous anonymous, it is possible to know the spirit world.
step and is the balance relationship.
what is the balance?
story of spirit world and here.
It's The Sixth Sense.
spirit want to talk show appearance.
The content is various.speech also various.appearance various.
danger, they are not allowed to lie.
they want a strong gentle love.mean is truth lover.
energy and the discovery walk. we are always talking something.something....
he is a great talented dog. Ability and talent.
no talking about only the dead and the spirit world.
scary is a human being.
race of mask face....
The forest is breathing. and laugh, and crying.
Animals scream that live in the forest, someone is killing them.
Who is devil of forest? Who is spirits of forest?
We are observed while walking.
True supernatural power is Love Love Love Love.
What mean ESP....
We laugh....

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