My best friend Mimmy de Wi


My best friend Mimmy de Wi disappeared.Where.Where.Where.

I look for my best friend.

Evil spirits of criminal unnamed mountain. he's name is MJJRU.you know?

I do not forgive.

The criminal who took a gentle horse is a human figure.


That evil spirit is only hatred.

Target animals and families all over the world.

Evil hatred evil spirits calling evil spirits all over the world.

Evil spirits of punishment even dead body can not die forever.

The whispers of evil spirits are always I Love You I Love You I Love You only.

Marissa older sister is also gone...Missing Missing Missing.

Trying to kill Mom and me.

Mom and I are fighting the demons every day.

An unnamed foreigner in former human figure. A demon just of hatred.

Mimmy de Wi is a sun horse. My best friend.

Evil spirit figure forever. The demon said the name RU. you know?

I look for my best friend and older sister. OK ru de RU?

I will continue to message.

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My Earth Time


Sky Sky Sky Sky Sky with tree tree tree tree tree. Simple time zone....

I'm looking at the sky.every day. The sky is the most beautiful.

What is there when I look down.

There are too many ugly things below........


I walk along with the shadow.

Small and strong I is standing.

I always think.....Humans are really small...U know?

They only know their own world.They are those who only own world is correct...


I run for some reason in the cage. Run in the place that human made...Why?

I love freedom. I love freedom. I love freedom.

My dream is that one day out of the Earth......

Why do seals get killed? Who kill the animals?


I am always shining........

They contact in a variety of colors. It is true of color........

What is my movement?

Shadows chasing me.


I run walk.

What color is the grass?

Grass has been mowed short.

Is it simple?


Mom and I are always together. It is love and eternity........

Story of one of the energy. It is similar to the wind........

I am a small truth in the universe........

I will continue to message........

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happy new year 2017 with love's way

happy new year2017 1

Sun and forest trees....

What is 2017? Whether subsequent to the spirit world?

The world to play with The Hobbit is interesting.

What is the Lord of the Ring?

happy new year2017 2

I like to thinking while laughing. I is like to meet with the spirit while running.

I think that it is fun to observe humans. meaning????it is a story of my life.

running on the sunny days is the best.

New Year good light and the feeling of the sun 2017.

happy new year2017 3

My disciple is laughing....

A disciple who is studying variously every day....

Do you know that everything will be saved by laughing?

Who does not laugh? There are lots of people around. true with true and true.....

happy new year2017 4

I swimming in the fallen leaves....

It's fun and interesting, I love leaves....

happy new year2017 5

I and the disciples and the fallen leaves.

A new adventure and us. a forest tree gift....

happy new year2017 6

I love green color and I feel calm. My heart is pleased.

I am laughing in green grass.

happy new year2017 7

happy new year 2017....

We think of love with love.

It is not size or appearance, it is necessary to see the real soul.

The soul lives forever.

our trip will continue...........

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story and fairy tale of love


Speak with the wind, playing with the wind, running with the wind, I run everyday with fry.
I hate noisy human beings, the same thought mom.
Meaning does not interfere with live how the others, important not pressing.
Earth population is 700 million do not think it's a real story.


disciple and me. someone is looking at us. no servants relationship.
Living in the nature of a variety of creatures to breathe.
We are those who love freedom and peace.
What is the Earth.


think about variety of incidents are happening in the earth.
what is the human exacerbation?
what is the human jealousy?
who to destroy the natural world?


I can see a strange world.
my favorite time of day is twilight zone.
armandias laugh healthy every day.
It is similar to the alien.


Whose work?
Fairies live in the woods.
Whose work?
Fairy is grieved.


one day short with one day is long with time is one day with enjoy a day.
mean is water magic. magic and magic. the forest is breathing.like windy.
earth is alive now.
our journey continues.

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Humanistic dog with love


What is the stairs of the mountain? I'm always thinking. but also funny smell. do something....

Thinking circuit of disciples & me are different. U know?

Simply get tired and only the image stairs and stairs. U know?

that's interesting with love step hahahaha.


What is my image?

I'm a great guy. and I do not laugh. U know?

I'm captain. I'm top. I'm love dog. I'm serious. U know?

Stair love was above the clouds. U know?


I love the freedom. I love life. I love good things. I love animals. I love sun with moon.

My journey mom loves me and the free will to continue. U know?

because angel is nearby to protect us. Guardian angel and us.

me and mom & me and he & me....


I run, I laugh, I think. I love my way with good friend with mom.

my dream is not jealous peaceful world.

Human problem is jealousy and gold. Just want to manipulation hurt others.

I saw a lot of shameless human with no sense.

Our journey continues....r

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