Couple of pigeons.

Peace be seen in the natural world. free and dangerous, survivors, our friend.

See their sign every day.

Hear the voice of the earth's bird. all birds sing love and love.

Listening to the Earth's voice.

Hear the voice of the tree.

Listen to the sound of the wind.

Feel the sound of rain and secret wing.

Sit in your favorite place. best place no place name.

Listen to the voice of love. Who are Lord of the sound. Who?

The world of real and fake...? the answer No one.


Dance like a wing. It is him....delicate mind of man as a feather.

Human enemies jealousy and gold.

wing carry freedom.

People who not know the wing.

my wing is nice and lovely,mean is all spirit have wing.


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love with love

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love energy



What is human,
great for the human,
Do human beings kill animals,
Humans great,,,,


Nice to see the sky.
Presence of great energy.
It is the light of the universe.
Countless sky of stars.


We are small.
We are soul.
We are weak and strong.
We believe in love.


The form of humans and animals.
The form of dog and horse.
Who is a noble creature?

We are dream and adventure and the peace-loving person.
Whether earthlings love the earth?

Continue the message....


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2015 VIE

hi everybody, my name is the captain.

please do'nt touch my family, here is mountine bad think parson coming,what do you think,,,,,

we want love peace and good harmony,many people big liar,like facebook....

facebook is very famous in the world,but many liar and liar's site. stupid site,,,,

my mom do'nt want facebook liar's. us too.

so special,you know philippines site,many liar's only just fool of pride....we do'nt want them.

we love one soul but ded,they kill her,they make story of her,god teach us.

longtime we do'nt know,they make secret site and secret page.

we teach our friends, Investigation and the result, we will investigate.

I know the spirit of God....

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place of love

we love earth.

we love life.

we love peace.

we love good place. mean is peace place.

winter and love is beautiful world. the simple and clear. beautiful air and nature.

our love is forever.

our world forever.

sing earth,earth sorrow,earth smile,so good.

hero is dog special dog.

and hero is horse hero is bird etc.

who is the person of the hero or star?

I know one person star. person of love.I living together.

we want to make people happy in the magic of sound.

here is the place of love.



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