Poltergeist and the Evil spirits trees Emerald Town


Devil tree in the Izunokuni-city Emerald Town.

can you see it????Demons of face our pine trees, the evil spirit to all the trees cling,

Poltergeist of the villa ground. Human face to the tree, figure-shaped long period research the tree

For the people of taking Haunted mountain to poltergeist demons.


Mountain road at the time of twilight zone.

Poltergeists who reminds wildfire. Here there are many mountain fire.

Old men have not built anything, Do you know Why?

Place most of the human beings are possessed by an evil spirit. Dangerous areas true.


Sight of when this is the flock of evil spirits attack humans style.

Know only genuine psychics.

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Walk in mountain


I'm looking at the sky.

It is interesting, it is always seen only sky.

What is on the sky.


Going out, it was a road.

Mountain road and us.

I laugh, I walk, I sing, I'm fine.


It plays in the wild bird park.

I like, I'm sleepy, I sing and laugh.

I play always in the park.


Interesting, funny, happy, my love.

The run always, for me.

I run, for love.

You do not know me, meaning that of my inspiration.I appearance dog....

Sun love....
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Where is water birds?


This mountain What?

my favorite bird?

I love birds

I love nature of friends


Recently, dying trees.....

No nutrition,Not loved,Nobody cares.....

Jealousy mountain.....What kind of Human?????

I love Mom...

Our trip continue

We fine You also fine

See you....

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What do you think?

the universe.....

Report from the captain Vie.....?


Human introduce of forest?????

Who is this

I'm okay...

My trip continues

Friend of my mom???

I hope everyone's happy

Love and kindness my mission..

Me and mom love music What do you think?????

LOVE is all.......

Thank You and U.....

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Good things

another part of me

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