My road my story My love my words

I'm angry, this road is my road.
Who walk without permission my road?
It's not the animals, perhaps next to the man.
Man cut the tree, really guy there is no love....
Here also the same. Is different criminal.
This place is old married couple. You know very ugly face.
They were stealing it off the tree with making a house free.
They do not love....
I'm running because stressful.
I will talk with mom my love with feel.
I it is fast to run and strong man.
You do not know me....
I have a good appearance.
Do you know my personality and love and good looking.
I dream chasing the dog, I'm hero this place has no name....
I teach you.this place is many ghosts.
Me and mom of a secret, can you understand them?
love with peace with who kills them.
we know all story of him and we love spirit and good things.Do not end on my love with him.
my name is vie my love is vie my words is love vie....

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