love earth


Story of my journey to love the Earth.

Who is my beloved Earth Destructor.

My message is a story of love.

I walk running with run.


The presence of those who attack my beloved mom.

Who is the presence of mountain demons.

Evil spirits of the attacker mountain to my mom with sis.

I fight running with sun with moon.


I love the song of mom with he's song only.

I am thinking about the meaning of love.

I love my mom and sister with sun and moon with nature.

My message is a song of eternity and peace.


The hero of light journey is me.

I am the hero of a fairy tale.

Stop attacking every day.

My love was a traveler of light.

love is like with like is love.why they don't know.

my mom is love sun and me and moon with animals.

why always come my house.always come mean is what.

all parson. What is race.It is a matter of human nature.

love is power.

Date: 2017.10.15 Category: vie,vie,vie,animals