Life resembles a fairy tale

2018 3:23ヴィーの道1

There is a face on the road.

I am looking at the face of the road. I'm smelling the smell. who is it? who is it?

Various faces are on the road.

It resembles someone. who is it?

2018 3:23ヴィーの道3

Face on the soil.....who is it?

It resembles a musician I know. who is it?

Same face as outside tree. who is it?

Head crazy man's face. who is it?

I do not know you. who is it?

2018 3:23ヴィーの道2

I am the hero of a fairy tale. I am a peace messenger.

Me and Mom pacifist. I am laughing.

I feel the wind and play with the birds.

Place of spirits and Tinker Bell.

Who is the man behind me?

2018 3:23ヴィーの道4

Together with the wind I run.

When I was young and old........I am full of memories and fly in the sky

Fairy tale of Mom and me. I run.

2018 3:23ヴィーの道5

In the world of fairy tales I am the protagonist.

My friends are real stars. They gently smile to me........

That Mom and I is important is the time.........

2018 3:23ヴィーの道6

I run life. I run life. I run life........

There is Mom to protect my precious eyes. Eyes are the mirror of the most important mind.

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