I laugh


I love Earth.

Who are you to interfere with the travel of Mom and me?

I'm not interested in you.

I laugh, a funny strange triangle. I am the Earth Dog. Do you know me???

Mommy calls me captain.

Who are you who attack me and Mommy?

I'm laughing while the real story.

Who are you?

I am a dog and Mommy is a human.

Who are you always attacking me and Mommy?

I am an earth dog. who are you?

I'm researching the mountains.

Why is there a maze in the mountains?

Why do you suddenly move in the mountains? I just laugh.

Stop attacking me and Mommy. I laugh only.

Are you a floating spirit? Is it a demon?

I just laugh.....

Are you a human being before?

The name of a lie and the voice of a lie Who is it?

I just laugh at you.

My story is the truth, a demon that fly around the world?

Where is my sister Marissa?

Your story is vulgar. I laugh only.

Who will destroy the earth?

Shizuoka prefecture villa area It is a story of Emerald T.

Please pray for the safety of me, my mom and the parrots.

I am an animal family captain.

I will continue to message.....

Date: 2018.06.06 Category: Love,earth,animals