Wonderful dogs best friend


I will introduce the dog dear best friend of Norway.

Health tough gentle heart.

I want to see if there is a chance.

I hope that the dogs also meet.

I believe the great friendship of dogs.

2014vievie de Wi

They are very clever dog.

They are overflowing with courage.

It came like always act in a courage.....

Wonderful companion.

It is possible to love any creatures.

I respect.....always.....

Need love, peace and respect.

I am not a great.....They are generous.....

Appearance is a dog.

Appearance of I am human.

Able to meet a great soul in a lifetime Very Lucky.....

It is always a chance.....

Good luck for everyone.....

Our life continues.

Share of life's best beloved...........

love Place

Beautiful place

love dog

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