My mom and Me

My mom style.
My mom is always like this.
My mom is just Earthling. I'm just dog but my mom think same Earthling.
Do you understand?
My mom style.mean is She Walks This Earth.

I'm busy and very hot everyday.
My mom told me,,,You need more run and runand run.
mean is need more learn.
What mean?
You need Think the Earth.
I speak with animals.
I love nature.
I only hate nasty man.
I try more think Earth.


My disciple.
Big disciple.
I am small captain. Arumandias is big disciple.

2012 Vie格好良く正面を見て走る

not the body size.
The size of the heart.
different from the usual dogs.
mom is understand me.
Thanks Today....

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