miracle life


The sun of our forest. Shine of mysterious. mean is shine with nothing shine.

Description can not Shine. Humans see every day shine....

This is a miracle life with shine.

What is the word? word is many lie, Shine is real with good feel. many people no feel why.


The Shine illuminate the Earth. No one knows Shine love.

Shine extraterrestrial shine, do you know shine miracle? like magic.

What you feel is human foolish small brain. I laugh and mourn, and wait for a miracle love.

English interpretation is simple? Troublesome words often.


His conversation is fun and simple. Is not awkward words.

His hero of fairy tale. Story of miracles and fairy tales, the meaning is not simple.

Everyone favorite fairy tale is cute story, his fairy tale is truth.

Human figure does not believe in miracles. We believe, it's just story....

You know not buy really want love and soul.

keep on message.

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