I love world


It is meaning to all things.

I'm laughing and running. Learn the strength in that run and run. Intelligence also know.

Learn also size of mind...you know.

I genius of appearance of the dog.


My disciples need to study. Anyone trust.
Human beings to put the poison in the water, human throw the poison balls.
The lot of animals have been killed.
Presence of many human beings who eat a wild boar.
It has been targeted. Is that not eat the dangerous water and meat.
I will continue to guard.


I seen from the shade of trees.
I'm small but large heart dog, and strong, no afraid of ghost.
human afraid of ghost, human being obsessed ghost, I can see anything.
I just look in silence. different from the lie human.


It is interesting, and funny. Mom and I just laugh.
Where is my friend Wombats? Where is my friend owl?
Bamboo shoots thief is the many.
Fool the bamboo shoot power they do not know.


I continue the journey.
All not in size, and what is the little human?
A small human move the world. Meaning is deep. Danger. And insane devil.
Their weapon is only money.
I do not know, such as the world of celebrity, there is no interest, I aim of the world with love.

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