Our journey


our journey will continue with love.

love that beautiful past time. human beings like the destruction.

spirit and play a person even though there is no ability. incompetent person around the world.

my feel funny. what is the day of the happening, it is the same feeling all the rainbow,you know mean,

Is happening is something all over the world.

It is also brutal and cruel thing. and planet Earth that can not put up with happening on the earth.

creatures that are killed by cruel humans,why, all over the world has become in danger,why,

I like this mountain, but always feel the danger.why, kill human beings human brutally,why,

dying earth and disappear. what is the man of sin,

I learned the meaning of my best friend was killed. I was not on the side of best friend.

I think, alive but dead, dead but alive, I think something of the presence beyond form.

I protect mom with love....


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