blue Moon

2017blue moon1

Moon playing with the blue sky....

The blue sky moon and the earth with love's way.

every day I feel the magic of the moon.

sky and sea are same color....

2017 blue moon3

forest haunted trees.why why why why....

I think a funny story with love story with moon story.

I run with run with run with run.

I feel the smell of the forest and him.who who who who.

2017 blue moon4


I love the forest with life.mean is Inspiration love....

He also plays in the forest with me.

Eternal story is a fairy tale. you know.

2017 blue moon 2

I am singing inspiration.

I love messenger....he sings.

I run in steps.

I run through the world.

2017blue moon5

Who am I? deep story with love way.

my world and nature and ghosts.

my heart is the universe.

My journey continues.

Date: 2017.07.07 Category: love,earth,sun,moon,