Beyond time


What is an empty face?

What is the Twilight zone?

Clouds why various faces can be seen. Sky changing beyond time every day.

Time is eternal. Sky, why are you likely to feel sad?


I walk while feeling nature everyday. I feel somehow.

Mom always glad to see me, I also the same.

Feel the change of season and walk a new road.


Who are you?

Various spirits come to see me. What's wrong? I do not know you.why why why why why.


I use the shining, but who are you? mom and I time is important.

I do not understand the meaning of love that humans use. so only I laugh.


mom loves me and I love mom. that is the answer.

mom promise is to make songs to me. because mom was a musician.

My theme song of 8 beats or 16 beats.

I'm thinking.

Date: 2017.11.18 Category: love,fairy tale,sun,space,power