Relationship between me and the sun.

No one can understand. It is impossible for ordinary people. It is impossible for ordinary ghosts.

I am a pacifist. I am a messenger of shine.

Mom and I are always together. Specter of forest to attack mom and me.

I and the sun fight the Dead.mean is fighting Demon.


Evil spirit that haunts us. Evil spirits of the mountains.

I fight with the angel. My message was peace and love. A human demon interferes.

Who is the devil of the forest pine tree? It was a demon transformed into a pine tree.

Former human being of ugly dirty spirit. and group with death.


I can not stand.

Dirty spirit human beings.

Humans of ugly mind and hatred.

The earth will die.

Killing around the world.

Good those who love peace being killed all over the world with animals.


I am the hero of a fairy tale.

I am a peace messenger.

I speak with the wind.

I am sad it is that dying is Earth.

mom make the song the Earth die.

the title is Death Earth Song.

I will continue to message.

Date: 2018.01.07 Category: Tree, spirit, love, earth, destruction