Shine and shadow


We walk every day.

Way of shine and shadow.

We follow the eternal shine.

We walk, the birds fly, the flowers bloom.

Hear the voice of wonderful clouds and wind in the sky.

I will not talk about that place. Peaceful place.


Chasing shine me. not visible to the human. Naturally. you know?

I am always watching.

Eye shine thing.......


The sun shining in the sky.

What is the universe?

My world and Mom.


Play with me and leaves. I love leaves.

Are you still watching me?

I am watching leaves.


I run, I laugh, I like rhythm.

Wind is a friend.

Twilight zone is a friend.


I hair fluttering in the wind. Whisper the wind from the north, south, east, and west.

What is my mission? I will not forget that voice. you know?

Walk straight. Toward the light. The hero of a fairy tale. That's me.


I will not forget. Your world. mean is love wolrd.OK.

Nobody can break down his beautiful world with me.

Guardian angel Jenny Thank you.

I will continue to message.

Date: 2018.01.25 Category: Love,earth,animals