Journey of brilliance


Story of brilliance story of shadow.

The shape begins with various stories.

Human shape and dog shape.

An interestingly shaped story is a mysterious world.


I walk while sleeping.

I know well on any road.

My story is a fairy tale.

I walk in my dream.


I was born on earth. Always walking and running.

What is what I can see? No one knows my field of vision.

I am looking with my eyes and light.

It is a good thing and a bad thing visible.


Snow solidifies to make shape. It is similar to someone. who is it?

Even small things are big. I do not see things in human height.

I am looking at all horizontally and vertically.

I see sometimes a love cloud.


Shine and shadow of me and master. My mom is my master.

Mom says that I resemble clouds. Clouds show us the various forms.

Birds are flying over the sky in the wind.

I continue the hero of fairy tale.

I will continue to message.

Date: 2018.02.08 Category: love bird,love,life,forever,death,soul