My shrine tour


I went to a small shrine of Japan. Not China.....

What is a shrine?

I saw a strange thing.

What is a shrine?

It is strange and mysterious mood.


Color and shape. It was a twilight zone.....

Light in a magical lamp with smell of wood.....

Shrines in the mountains. but a strange feeling.....

Is there anyone there?


I always research. There is no one.....

I will research. smell and footsteps and wind and soul.....

I feel a big thing with a small body.

Mom says me as a research King...........


Soil That's strange. The earth is strange.

Shrine are talking something to me quietly.....what what what what what?

Today I went to two shrines.

I was surprised to see a strange big tree.

It was similar to the tree of Sleepy Hollow.....


I have seen from various angles.

I often stay inside the Twilight zone.

I felt that there are many secrets in the shrine.

Why? mom and me are researching while walking.....


Pond of a strange shrine. What is in this pond?

I wonder if something lives. It would be small creatures...

Something is watching me...why?

I walk facing straight ahead.

Today I saw two interesting shrines.

I will continue to message...........

Date: 2018.02.27 Category: vie,michael,hero,love,fairytale,power,earthsong