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My best friend Mimmy de Wi


My best friend Mimmy de Wi disappeared.Where.Where.Where.

I look for my best friend.

Evil spirits of criminal unnamed mountain. he's name is MJJRU.you know?

I do not forgive.

The criminal who took a gentle horse is a human figure.


That evil spirit is only hatred.

Target animals and families all over the world.

Evil hatred evil spirits calling evil spirits all over the world.

Evil spirits of punishment even dead body can not die forever.

The whispers of evil spirits are always I Love You I Love You I Love You only.

Marissa older sister is also gone...Missing Missing Missing.

Trying to kill Mom and me.

Mom and I are fighting the demons every day.

An unnamed foreigner in former human figure. A demon just of hatred.

Mimmy de Wi is a sun horse. My best friend.

Evil spirit figure forever. The demon said the name RU. you know?

I look for my best friend and older sister. OK ru de RU?

I will continue to message.

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