My best friend Mimmy de Wi


My best friend Mimmy de Wi disappeared.Where.Where.Where.

I look for my best friend.

Evil spirits of criminal unnamed mountain. he's name is MJJRU.you know?

I do not forgive.

The criminal who took a gentle horse is a human figure.


That evil spirit is only hatred.

Target animals and families all over the world.

Evil hatred evil spirits calling evil spirits all over the world.

Evil spirits of punishment even dead body can not die forever.

The whispers of evil spirits are always I Love You I Love You I Love You only.

Marissa older sister is also gone...Missing Missing Missing.

Trying to kill Mom and me.

Mom and I are fighting the demons every day.

An unnamed foreigner in former human figure. A demon just of hatred.

Mimmy de Wi is a sun horse. My best friend.

Evil spirit figure forever. The demon said the name RU. you know?

I look for my best friend and older sister. OK ru de RU?

I will continue to message.

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Life resembles a fairy tale

2018 3:23ヴィーの道1

There is a face on the road.

I am looking at the face of the road. I'm smelling the smell. who is it? who is it?

Various faces are on the road.

It resembles someone. who is it?

2018 3:23ヴィーの道3

Face on the soil.....who is it?

It resembles a musician I know. who is it?

Same face as outside tree. who is it?

Head crazy man's face. who is it?

I do not know you. who is it?

2018 3:23ヴィーの道2

I am the hero of a fairy tale. I am a peace messenger.

Me and Mom pacifist. I am laughing.

I feel the wind and play with the birds.

Place of spirits and Tinker Bell.

Who is the man behind me?

2018 3:23ヴィーの道4

Together with the wind I run.

When I was young and old........I am full of memories and fly in the sky

Fairy tale of Mom and me. I run.

2018 3:23ヴィーの道5

In the world of fairy tales I am the protagonist.

My friends are real stars. They gently smile to me........

That Mom and I is important is the time.........

2018 3:23ヴィーの道6

I run life. I run life. I run life........

There is Mom to protect my precious eyes. Eyes are the mirror of the most important mind.

Continue message........

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My shrine tour


I went to a small shrine of Japan. Not China.....

What is a shrine?

I saw a strange thing.

What is a shrine?

It is strange and mysterious mood.


Color and shape. It was a twilight zone.....

Light in a magical lamp with smell of wood.....

Shrines in the mountains. but a strange feeling.....

Is there anyone there?


I always research. There is no one.....

I will research. smell and footsteps and wind and soul.....

I feel a big thing with a small body.

Mom says me as a research King...........


Soil That's strange. The earth is strange.

Shrine are talking something to me quietly.....what what what what what?

Today I went to two shrines.

I was surprised to see a strange big tree.

It was similar to the tree of Sleepy Hollow.....


I have seen from various angles.

I often stay inside the Twilight zone.

I felt that there are many secrets in the shrine.

Why? mom and me are researching while walking.....


Pond of a strange shrine. What is in this pond?

I wonder if something lives. It would be small creatures...

Something is watching me...why?

I walk facing straight ahead.

Today I saw two interesting shrines.

I will continue to message...........

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My Earth Time


Sky Sky Sky Sky Sky with tree tree tree tree tree. Simple time zone....

I'm looking at the sky.every day. The sky is the most beautiful.

What is there when I look down.

There are too many ugly things below........


I walk along with the shadow.

Small and strong I is standing.

I always think.....Humans are really small...U know?

They only know their own world.They are those who only own world is correct...


I run for some reason in the cage. Run in the place that human made...Why?

I love freedom. I love freedom. I love freedom.

My dream is that one day out of the Earth......

Why do seals get killed? Who kill the animals?


I am always shining........

They contact in a variety of colors. It is true of color........

What is my movement?

Shadows chasing me.


I run walk.

What color is the grass?

Grass has been mowed short.

Is it simple?


Mom and I are always together. It is love and eternity........

Story of one of the energy. It is similar to the wind........

I am a small truth in the universe........

I will continue to message........

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Running with the wind


The meaning of running?

Everyone walks and runs?


Wind and something energy?

Wind voice energy?


I turn with the wind? Who am I?

Mom says that I am an angel.


Wind and leaves and me.

I always listen to a certain sound.


Mom and my inspirational world.

It is another world. I run in accordance with the wind.


Feel the wind next to the vertical to the left to the right.

I am not a bird.....I run because I do not fly.....


I'm a man.

I run with various expressions.

I protect the Mom.

I am a dog's shape with Mom human shape.....You know.....

What is shape.....

My eyes are important Mom too.....

I will continue to message...........

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